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  1. Cheryl says:

    This website and it’s author, are truly astounding. The corelation between past events and the references (based on the date patterns) to these events in the bible is absolutely amazing.


    Amos Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words Cheryl. I agree with you on the website, though I find the author a little suspect at times. I know he means well.


  2. Connie says:

    Interesting website


    Amos Reply:

    Yes it is. Thank you.


  3. Missy says:

    Think about it…..


    Amos Reply:

    I’m still thinking … . Thanks for the thought, I think.


  4. Carl says:

    Ok so there may be skeptics out there who think that some great flash occured at some point way back in time and from that time until now everything just sort of came together so that man can reason and think there is no God. Isnt that even more absurd than beliving there is order to everything. Think about music and math and of course the natural laws of the universe. There is order to everything even the ants have order and nature has order can order realy be created out of confusion. Why then must we try and do away with the belief in God for some unreasonable conclusion that we migrated up out of a pool of slime to walk the earth.

    What about emotions computers dont have emotions but people do. Where did emotions come from are we expected to just think that this all came together by chance no way.

    Well I am realy glad to see someone who has studied the scriptures and found a key that proves there is order and not just order by chance but that the order has been documented and can be researched and found in the Great book. This is absolutly phemononial work and must have taken years of study. Amos please keep up the work and give us more. Your frien Carl. Ps I am going to share this with my friends and hope your readers do the same. Oh by the way do you have a book or is it just on the web for now.


    Amos Reply:

    Check your spelling Carl; there is no such word as “phemononial”. I can’t even pronounce it. However, I thought your response was phenomenal, and yes I looked up the correct spelling in the dictionary. That “book” you mentioned may be in the pipeline if it doesn’t get disrupted by all the frackers in the area. You know fracking is causing earthquakes don’t you? And don’t even get me started on the ground water. Aren’t smart cars really the answer? Unfortunately, I’m sandwiched between two semis and I’m feeling a little two dimensional at the moment. I’ll get back to you. Lose my number.


  5. Mel says:

    I wonder about the contradictions in the Bible and who is Joseph’s father because it gives two different answers and about Isaiah 45:7 where it says God creates evil, etc.


    Amos Reply:

    I feel your pain Mel, seriously. I agree there are ambiguous passages in the Bible and some that appear contradictory. My opinion is that even the ambiguity is by design. God says we must come to Him by faith; we can’t really figure Him out with our brains. Look at Proverbs 3:5, 6
    The verse you mentioned reads as follows:
    I form the light and create darkness,
    I made peace and create calamity;
    I the Lord, do all these things. Isaiah 45:7 NKJV
    All things are part of the plan of God. Take a look at the first couple of chapters in Job. It’s not very clear whether God or Satan is causing Job’s problems. It seems that satan brings on the actual calamity, but he does so with God’s full understanding and approval. It may be that in the world, Satan brings on the distresses and he has legal authority to do this because of sin within the individual, city, state, nation, etc. Thanks for your posting.


  6. Stephen says:

    It’s completely unconvincing. God’s existence can’t by proved by assuming God exists, which is what you are attempting to do.

    The so-called word of God is internally contradictory. It proposes a loving God, but one who creates in order to torture forever. God can do anything, but chooses that some of his children will be disobedient — he could have made them perfect but made them fallible instead — and then punishes them for failing to reach his high standard. Punishes them forever for things they did in a single lifetime.

    This doctrine is revolting in the extreme, implying a malevolent God. The so-called gospel is not good news but repugnant, serving not to join mankind together in commonality but to separate and condemn those who he decides deserve eternal punishment. I’m very grateful it’s nothing more than a sinister fairy tale.


    Amos Reply:

    You seem a little tense Stephen. Perhaps a switch to boxers is in order. You don’t have to assume God exists to see the logic of Proves God. All you have to do is hold the historical record up to the biblical record and see that they sync perfectly. Faith is not required for this, but it may be produced by this. Have you actually looked at the many examples posted on Proves God or are you just parroting Christopher Hitchens? Take a look at his article in the “atheist proves God” section; it’s quite interesting. God is God, Stephen. We don’t get to judge Him; He judges us. Thankfully we don’t have to be “tortured forever;” He provided the means of escape through Christ Jesus, His Son. In the universe you create, you can install your own rules. In the universe God created, we abide by His rules or we suffer the consequences. If you stay on the same path, you’re likely to suffer the fate you described.


  7. dude says:

    lol finaly someone who thinks. nice stephen. carl: it isnt chance, its evolution. There are certain laws in the universe. gravity makes sure the planets are positioned how they are, and humans are who they are because they evolved. Thinking theres some supernatural being who created everything is just wierd. If god excists, that why would he create “evil” in the first place? You might say; god works in misterious ways, but it doesnt make sense at all. im an atheist myself, and i respond to logic. Your whole believe rests upon a man who “claimed” to be a son of a supernatural being. And that he died to forgive our sins. seriously, how would dieing help with forgiving our sins? remember, scytsophrenia did excist in that time. More likely is that jesus was halucinating, and the current “goverment” used his story to keep people in line. Whatever you say, there is no new evidence. Since the year 0 nothing supernatural has ever happend. by thee way, nothing supernatural happend ever. its all nature. Noone has ever seen any evidence of something godlike. Some say they heard god talk to them. My old teacher heard his stewie from family guy in his head. Does that make it true? and btw, the bible has changed alot in those 2000 years. If the bible was the word of god, then how can humans change it and just walk away with it? When we die we die. We cant feel/think or do anything. Its like you dont excist. There is no heaven and hell. But believe all you want, i know what is true and whats lies.


    Amos Reply:

    Hey Dude. Are you “the Dude” of cinematic fame? I didn’t like your movie much, a bit profane for my taste. And Dude, there is no year zero. You’re a big evolution guy are you? So lets take a look at three of your heroes and see if they are in the Bible patterns. Charles Darwin put forth his theory of natural selection in 1859 with his book Origin of Species. His two staunchest defenders over the last 150 years have been his contemporary, Thomas Huxley (Darwin’s bulldog), and his modern day protagonist, Richard Dawkins (Darwin’s rottweiler). Both Darwin and his two dogs are found in Psalm 59 (1859), as well as many other places, but we’ll limit our discussion to chapter 59.

    Before you go any further, read Psalm 59 (NKJV) and see if you can see the three horsemen of the evolutialypse woven into the chapter by some unseen grand designer. It takes no preconceived belief Dude, just read the chapter. Only seventeen verses, it’s simple. Psalm 59:7 describes an atheist with stomach problems who belches with his mouth and says, “Who hears?” Much has been written about Darwin’s stomach maladies as well as the other symptoms of his mysterious illness. The skeptics also have swords in their lips (V. 7). Darwin famously wrote that his transmutation of species theory was “like confessing a murder”, while Huxley’s and Dawkins’ debating styles are (were in Huxley’s case) “red in tooth and claw”.

    Darwin’s first dog, Huxley, is described more specifically in verse 6.

    6 At evening they return, they growl like a dog, and go all around the city.
    Psalm 59:6

    Huxley’s fierce debating style earned him the moniker of Darwin’s bulldog.

    “For that, there was Thomas Henry Huxley,? such an aggressive defender of evolution? that he was known as ‘Darwin’s bulldog’.”? PBS.org

    Darwin’s second dog, Dawkins, appears in verses 14 and 15, and some 150 years later.

    14 At evening they return, they growl like a dog, and go all around the city.
    Psalm 59:14

    Dawkins’ debating style has been described as scorched earth, ferocious, fierce, ruthless, relentless, etc. You get the picture.

    “Darwin’s Rottweiler, Sir Richard Dawkins: Evolution’s fiercest champion, far to fierce.”
    Darwin’s Rottweiler
    Discover, September 2005

    “He has a need not only to be precise but to be right – ruthlessly right. ? Dawkins has become Darwin’s rottweiler.”
    Darwin’s Rottweiler
    Discover, September 2005

    And then in verse 15:
    15 They wander up and down for food, and howl if they are not satisfied.
    Psalm 59:15

    “The other thing that struck me was the tone of the debate – Dawkins … was so aggressive,? so relentless, so pitiless toward his intellectual adversaries … .”
    Discover, 2005

    “There is a hunger out there for wonder, for understanding …”
    Sir Richard Dawkins himself
    Discover, 2005

    Oh Dooooode. He didn’t really use the word “hunger” did he? He walked right into verse 15 like it was a Dawkins’ sized piece of transparent plexiglass. That ol rottie hit the end of his chain in full charge didn’t he. Ouch!

    So Dude, what do you think happens to men like Darwin, Huxley, and Dawkins when they die? The answer is in verses 12 and 13.

    12 For the sin of their mouth and ? the words of their lips, let them be ? taken in their pride,and for their? cursing and lying which they speak.

    13 Consume them in wrath, consume ? them, that they may not be; and
    let them know that God rules
    in Jacob to the ends of the world.
    Psalm 59:12, 13

    Being consumed in God’s wrath can’t be a good thing. Who’s lying now Dude? Even the lives and works of atheists authenticate God’s word. How is that for ironic?


  8. John Stockwell says:

    The method you are using consists entirely of post-hoc identifications.
    Just was with other “bible code” exercises, these are all cases where you
    have no rule that lets you know what patterns you expect to find. You
    find patterns, and then you attach significance to them. This is no different
    from any other type of augury or fortune telling. Intellectually it is bogus.
    From the perspective of Christianity, it is likely profane.

    How about posting some firm predictions so that we can really test
    the hypotheses?


    Amos Reply:

    Well John, I see you come from the Richard Dawkins school of debate – confuse the issue with clever verbiage and phrasing. You accused me of finding patterns and then attaching significance to them. Guilty as charged, yet I was not the first person to do this. Your man Darwin did the same thing. Note the word “pattern” sprinkled throughout this description of Darwin’s method.

    “Though Darwin made many important observations of his own, the facts which would have supported his theory were already known and had been widely discussed before. No one it seems had recognized their significance. Why not? Why didn’t they wee what Darwin saw? When a scientist recognizes a significant new pattern without any new features being added to it, the process must be similar to what happens when a ‘puzzle’ picture suddenly changes appearance …

    The pattern of lines in a ‘nuclear cube’ looks like the corner of a room, but it can easily become the outer edge of a solid cube. The point is that a strong preconception about what a pattern means can stop you seeing it any other way. Presumably this happened to Darwin’s predecessors and some of his contemporaries as well. They failed to see what Darwin ‘saw’, not because they were short on facts, but because they had reasons for ‘seeing’ the facts in a different way.”

    Darwin for Beginners
    1982 Jonathan Miller

    Skeptics are usually only willing to look at evidence that they themselves provide. They have their “reasons for seeing facts in a different way” don’t they. Their world view tells them that there is no God, so they dismiss any evidence I give them with high-minded arguments that lack substance.

    You say you need a personal prediction from me to validate the patterns of God even though I’ve already included numerous examples of scriptures, written thousands of years ago, manifesting into recent history. By the same token, Darwin would have had to produce a fish that grows legs, walks onto the beach, sprouts wings, and flies to a nearby tree to validate his patterns. Would you also need a dinosaur to walk down main street to validate the fossil record? How many Higgs bosons in a jar would it take to convince you? Who has ever seen even one, or is it sufficient to look at the footprint the little fellas leave behind? Who has seen dark matter, black holes, dark energy, quarks, etc.? There are all kinds of things proven by the record they leave behind. So why is it so difficult for you to compare the historical record by date with the biblical record. This is not rocket science John, it’s arithmetic.

    Let me once again give you one brief example of how the patterns work. It is so simple and so direct.

    14 As the fire burns the woods, and as the flame sets the mountains on fire,
    15 So pursue them with Your tempest, and frighten them with Your storm.
    Psalm 83:13-14

    Now how difficult is this, really, to see the fulfillment of the these two verses from Psalm 83 by the the colossal eruption of Krakatoa in August 1883 (the loudest explosion in recorded history) and the tsunami that followed? Being willfully blind is different than being born blind. Which are you my friend?


  9. Amos says:

    When do you sleep Carajean? 4:46 AM? Even though John’s deep ball was well hit, upon further review, it was ruled foul. Yeah, it was just wide left of the post. Unfortunately for John, he hit into a double play on the next pitch. Don’t worry though, he’ll come up in the order again if the Manager keeps him in the game. Review the website to learn the Manager’s identity. Thanks for your comment.


  10. Howard says:

    Hi Amos,

    I like what there is to learn about God knowing and revealing the history of mankind in his book. Thanks for making this information available. I am certain that it will also help others discover a deeper truth about life.

    I gotta tell you though, I was extremely frustrated in trying to find a way to leave a comment. I’m stubborn… so I found it, but you need to fix this if yo want to answer questions for people.



    Amos Reply:

    Thanks for your response Howard. We don’t get many positive comments. Your check’s in the mail. Please allow five business days. We’ll see if we can make the blog more user friendly. Post again soon if you can figure how to do so. The good news is that we had nearly 600 new visitors last month. along with 1900 returning visitors. The word is getting out. By the way, our four-year anniversary is May 19. Thanks again for your input.


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