The discovery of the particle that allows the universe to exist, the Higgs boson, was announced by physicists on July 4, 2012. The enormity of the find seemed to transcend the physical universe and approach the spiritual, as described in the article” Cathedral of Science.” Many articles have since been written about the invisible “God particle” that makes all things possible. As with any major scientific discovery, the Higgs boson, or God particle, can be found woven into the pattern of chapters it is linked to in the Bible by its date of record. Click here to review this article in depth.


7 Responses to “THE GOD PARTICLE PROVES GOD – July 4, 2012”

  1. Shaun says:

    I must say, great read, found it all very amusing 🙂 I love how once scientists make a discovery that explains something that has been boggling humanity for thousands of years, you guys jump on it and claim “god made it this way” (btw the Higgs Boson was nicknamed the “God Particle” as a joke, one that Higgs himself claims to be a bad one.)
    Religion has been set in it’s ways every since it was fist conjured up, and every time science disproves religion with cold hard facts, it doesn’t take you guys long to change your story, or come up with a new one! I find it all quite immature really…
    Oh and btw on your home page I notice it says “There is a God, he wrote a book.” God never actually wrote the Bible, humans did.


    Amos Reply:

    Thanks for your response Shaun. I’m glad I could amuse you for a time. If I were you though, I would spend a little more time going through the other articles on the website. The evidence presented can be neither faked or contrived. If you think I can manipulate history to sync with the chapters of a book, then you give me far too much credit. Only God can do this. The day pattern and year pattern are His and His alone. My only role in this was to recognize and report them. Don’t wait until you are “Shaun of the Dead” to learn the truth. By then it will be too late. There is a God. He wrote (inspired if you prefer) a Book.


  2. leah corrow says:

    The higgs bosson was found during a controlled recreation of the big bang. The only thing it proves is the big bang.


  3. Amos says:

    Leah, Leah – come on! It’s the timing of the event and not the event itself that proves God. Every significant historical event – be it a scientific discovery, a great work of art, a natural disaster, etc – has a date of record and that date can be easily looked up on God’s permanent record – the Bible. The key to the Bible patterns is that every event is looked up by date and not topic, which is also why the patterns can’t be faked. Isn’t it just common sense that to have such a record requires a supernatural Supreme Being (i.e. God) to create that record?


  4. Zach says:

    Riddle me this…what makes “God” the one and only? What about Buddha? Or the Hindi gods? Why are YOU AS CHRISTIANS so sure that you are right? I find the whole thing a little obscured. Who’s to say that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is watching over us as we type? Just because science can’t prove something at the time does not mean that it proves religion.


  5. Vid says:

    I was Buddhist born in a Buddhist country (Cambodia). I should say I am Eurasian (French-Cambodian). People in my country worship Buddha, and they think Buddha who died about 2557 years ago is God. I was a very curious kid, so I asked if Buddha is God why did he die? I think God cannot die. I got children Bible from school , so I read and read it until I finished. My father did not see me come out to play with other kids later found my Bible, then he ordered me to burn it or threw it away. He said that his house cannot have Jesus but Buddha only. I took my little Bible and kept it in my bag carrying with me everywhere. It became like my favorite toy. The story did not end until weeks later I became very sick, my face, hands and feet were infected by disease similar to flesh eating bacteria and it was spreading so fast.
    The Dr. told my parents to take me home telling them to prepare a funeral for me and said “this kid will die tonight before mid-night”.

    I could hear, but I cannot see or open my mouth because of swollen. That night I heard my father cried, then I heard no more. All the sudden I saw myself on a high place looking at a giant moon, it’s so brighten floating down from the sky toward me. I was smiling and full of joy. Then a voice of my father “kneel down and worship GOD”. So I did kneel down and worship GOD in the form of Giant moon. About 3am, I woke up then all the swollen disappeared, the flesh eating also stopped. “Papa, Papa…” I called my father woke up everyone. I told every body about the giant moon was so bighten and I heard Papa’s voice told me to kneel down and worship GOD. ….. Many years passed before my father died he told me “your GOD is with you”. Until now I am mature I understood that my father may have prayed and asked GOD “Jesus if you are real and and alive, please heal my child”.

    My father used to hate Jesus Christ. I still kept asking questions “did my father see Christ and was told by the Lord that I am one of HIS sheep”? Why me, a child raised by a very strong Buddhist family? Many dreams, visions and with strange persons I encountered with told me of my future, I can only write all in my Diary and keep writing.

    GOD is real and He is not dead, but alive. The more I know Him, the more I fear Him. But because of that experiences I had, I became more and more humble that fills my heart with a true spirit of obedience. I am a very happy person, and I do not criticize others, but if they wish to criticize or insult me, I will pray for them.
    All I have received I Glorify to the Lord, my GOD.


  6. Amos says:

    Yes, Jesus is alive and well. It sounds like you had an encounter with Jesus similar to Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus. Thank you for taking time to post on May God bless and keep you.



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