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9 Responses to “GOOD NEWS!”

  1. carl says:

    Ok Amos

    Now that we have completly demoralized our country we need more like you to stand up and show that God does exist and soon all will know the truth. There is only one problem when that day arives it will be too late. So please continue to reach just one if you save one from the judgement then all your effort is worth the work.


  2. Carl says:


    I noticed that even though the hits on your site may be up the posts are down.
    Could that be contributed to the fact you are not controversial enough.
    Controversy breeds discussion.
    So let me introject some controversy.
    I dont care if a person belives there is a God or not because just because I dont belive something does not mean it does not exist.
    If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears the sound does the sound exist.

    Here is the problem looking back at history do we not see that good results in more good but bad goes badly for those who practice bad.
    How can we say today that we have not stooped so low as a species that we wlii not recieve our just deserved punishment for the evil we practice daily.
    I walked by the court house yesterday and the protesters were out in full force protesting the so called anti abortion bill. What makes this anti abortion it does not stop abortion it only sets time limits and makes those who perform them more subject to regulation to protect the abortioner ie the babys mother oh I mean the featus’ mother.

    Ok so we dont think abortion is murder but if a pregnant woman is killed the killer can be tried on two counts of murder one for the woman and one for the unborn baby.

    How does this differ when one is by choice and the other not. If on the one hand we say murder and on the other we call it a medical procedure no mater is not a rose a rose.

    Here is the problem if we begin to define our beliefs only on interputation of the defination of our actions then once we as a socity redefine articular types of people as sub human then can we eliminate them and not be qulity of a crime.

    Oh wait didn’t a man named Hitler do that .

    As they defined the gypsies tramps and thieves as sub human along with the Jews then killing them was not a crime. Ok so to today in some countries killing an infidel is not a crime but a reward.

    So in conclusion I say to all your athesits and agnostic readers continue to hug trees and worship your own intellectual understanding of the unknown and one day when your life on earth ends you will step out into eternity and you will see the great light, when you aproach the light say to him let me in to utopia because I did not break the laws of my country.
    See how that works for you then, however it will be too late to learn the truth.

    As for me I too will be there an if you have read this post completely you will have no excuse because I will tell you a well known secret.

    Unless you believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, died on a cross, rose from the dead and paid the price for your sinsonce and for all and you confess Him as the Son of God the Father repent from your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you and change your heart. There is no other way to eternal life in heaven.

    You hav no excuse before your eternal judge because you have heard the truth the broblem is YOU Made The Choice NOT TO Believe there is a God and He wrote a book.

    Good day to all Carl


  3. Amos says:

    Two words Carl – spell check – and throw in a few commas now and then. You’re absolutely right, though. Proves God has no power to save, believing there is a God has no power to save – even the devil and his angels believe. It is only through trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ that we can enter through the narrow gate into heaven. I would add one thing to your list for salvation and its the least spoken word in modern Christendom – baptism. We die with Him in the watery grave of baptism, and rise with Him a new creation. We will literally die once we go under the water, if we’re not lifted back up. Thanks for your strong words Carl. Your conviction, boldness and witness are traits uncommon among Christians of this day and age. Even Amos uses an alias.


  4. John Conley says:

    “Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”
    Albert Einstein

    It’s a terrible disservice to the memory of a great man for this site to list Albert Einstein as an atheist. That causes me to not trust anything else on your site.


    Amos Reply:

    Thanks for your response John. It is ok by me if you wish to think of Albert Einstein as an agnostic rather than an atheist. To me, he could fall in either camp depending on how you define the word,” atheist.” We could probably agree, though, that Mr. Einstein most certainly did not believe in a personal God, especially not the One who took human form and came to this earth to suffer and die for our sins.

    However, I fail to see how us having a minor disagreement over the degree of Mr. Einstein’s unbelief should affect the trustworthiness of this website. Proves God in not based on opinion or philosophical debate. Rather it is based solely upon the the head to head comparison of the historical record of the world as recorded by historians, with the historical record of the world as recorded by God in the Bible patterns. Learning two simple formulas is the key to unlocking this hidden world – the one where the spiritual word of God affects (or determines) the natural world we live in.

    That said, no one should put their faith in Amos or Proves God. Instead, they should put their faith in the one, true God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Or more simply – trust in Jesus. He’s the One that saves you. Proves God’s function is to authenticate God’s Book, – The Bible. The Bible points forward to Jesus, at Jesus, and back to Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through Him.
    (John 14:6).



  5. Wayne says:

    okay, if there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is not to believe everything you hear, or to do something just because someone else does it. I was raised on that aspect, as I am sure many people have been. However, the mass majority of people only take that natural instinct and apply to certain things in their life. Like the person who was talking about abortion up there. That is pretty crazy how abortion is considered a medical procedure and killing a pregnant woman, no matter if shes only a month pregnant, will still get you two counts of murder, instead of just one. Most people will look at that statement and fixate on the “Abortion” aspect of that statement and miss the entire meaning of that sentence.

    The same goes with conversations that pertain to god. Take the author of this website’s slogan for instance “God does exist. He wrote a book”. Most people will look at that sentence and automatically go “yeah, that’s right, he wrote the bible”. Obviously that is a false statement. Everyone knows that god did not literally write the bible, but it is generally accepted that god influenced the people that wrote the bible on what to write down in the bible. Now most people will look at that explanation and say okay, that makes sense and be done with it. Not me. I look at that and say, “okay, you say god told you to write this down and this be so, therefore it must be so” Really? I am sorry i am not a very gullable person so im not going to beleive something you said just because you said god told you to say it. Thats like telling your principle hey my teacher told me i didnt have to take this test but ill still get an A on my report card and the principle saying “okay, you say your teacher said it so it must be true.” that principle is going to know your lying. but lets say that it is possible. okay, lets go ask your teacher. simple as that. but thats where the ingenius of the religion comes into play. you cant go ask god if he told them to put it. you are told to go off of faith. but isnt that having faith in the person that is writing it? thats not having faith in god, thats having faith in men.

    now lets dig a little deeper into this subject. we cant go ask god if he really is telling these people to write this down, so, we have to use our brains to decide if we want to believe this. first off you have to realize if this book is written by god, who is unfallable, then not a single thing written down in that book can be false. not even a sentence.

    lets take it from the beginning. Gods creation theory, that god created man. specifically first adam and eve. they were the first people on this earth. everyone knows the story whether you believe in god or not. instead of doing what most people do and just automatically believe it just because it was written down in a book, lets actually sit back and think about it. If adam and eve were the very first people on this earth, and the story about adam and eve are true, then why was there ever another religion throughout history. adam specifically spoke with god so he had to have known of his existence, but yet here we are with thousands of religions throughout history. The greek gods zeus, poseidon, and hades. the norse god odin, thor, and loki. the Egyption gods osiris amun ra and anubis. all throughout history we have all these different religions that completley contradict god.

    One could argue rebellion. that god did not show his divine intervention after adam and eve and there children or grand children and so forth rebelled against their teachings. One, i highly doubt that scenario because we know historically things were much different then. much more strict. we hear stories even in the bible of vicious acts done in the name of god, so what makes you think it would be any different if not worst pertaining to rebelling against god. we know how that goes when someone rebelled against the common beleif of man. look at jesus christ. enough said.

    moving on.

    lets entertain the notion that adam and eve did exist. lets entertain the fact that they were the first people created by god on this earth, and we are all decendants of them in one way or another.

    Whether you like it or not, evolution and adaptation are scientific facts. genes and body structures slowly change and adapt given certain circumstances. like climate, weather, enviornment and so forth. polar bears have white fur instead of brown or black because it helped them in their enviornmental settings is just one example.

    so taking this fact, not theory, into conisideration. lets plug in the facts we know into the creation theory of adam and eve. If adam and eve were the first people on earth, man would of had to de-evolutionise to become the neanderthols and cave men we know for a fact existed. now im not going into the whole ape idea because in my opinion that makes no sense to me. but atleast the cave men of our history, the oldest and most ancient mankind known for a fact to man. adam and eve both talked. they didnt communicate with just body language. they spoke a language. if they didnt, then how would they have known not to touch the forbidden fruit? you think god pointed at the tree and said “ooga ooga” and shook his head.

    i doubt it.

    so my question to you is, can you talk about god without being biased. cant you talk about god without being blind.

    my advice is to live your life true and just. evil is bad and righteous is good. those are laws of truth any man of any faith can embrace. you dont have to be christian, or jewish, or muslim, or whatever religion you choose to know that fact.

    make your own decision on what to believe. but actually believe. dont just
    blindly follow something because your too afraid not too. dont just say oh it must be god because i survived a car crash i should’ve died in. dont just say it must be gods work because nothing else explains it. once upon a time people knew there were all kinds of gods. once upon a time people knew the earth was flat. people follow blindly the common conception and miss out on their own structures.

    believe what you want to believe, but believe.


    Amos Reply:

    Wayne, Wayne take a breath man; you’re going to hyperventilate. And no more caffeine after lunch. I do appreciate your response and your willingness to share your opinions with others. It seems that you are in the militant polytheist camp. One god is as good as another, one holy book is as good as another, all roads lead to the same place, and so forth. And that is OK for the moment, but not for the long haul.

    You are asking my opinion on a lot of things for which I’m not really qualified to answer. Questions like “If there is a God, then why …?” will have to be answered by the theologians. I’m a medical guy; I deal more with “how?” questions then “why?” questions. The theologians and philosophers can debate the”big whys” of life.

    But I am confident in answering a few big “how do you know” questions. “How do you know if there is a God?”; “how do you know which god is the real God?”; “how do you know which holy book is the real Holy Book?” That is the focus of Proves God. As you point out, there are lots of potential gods and lots of myths, legends, holy books, etc. Who and what do you believe, or do you believe at all? As for me, I would believe in the One who can show me the end from the beginning, the future from the past, things that only God would know. And I would believe the Book that has these things recorded in it. That only stands to reason doesn’t it?

    For example, the most powerful earthquake ever was a 9.5 in Chile on May 22, 1960. To see 1960 in the year pattern, look at Psalms – chapters 60, 20, and 120. In chapter 60 we read the following:

    “You have made the earth tremble; You have broken it; heal its breaches,
    for it is shaking?”

    Sounds like a really big earthquake doesn’t it? So which part do you not believe, Wayne – the history or the verse? The history of the earthquake or the verse describing the earthquake?

    Do you see how the historical record superimposes onto the biblical record via the Bible patterns? Now lets look at the 22nd day of the month via the day pattern (the scaled down version is simply looking at chapter 22 of the appropriate books). What could be easier; what could be more verifiable? For example, Isaiah 22 says:

    5. “For it is a day of trouble and treading down and perplexity. … Breaking
    down the walls and of crying to the mountain.
    17. Indeed, the Lord will throw you away violently O mighty man, and
    will surely seize you.
    18. He will surely turn violently and toss you like a ball. …”

    Do you think the Chileans on the day of trouble (May 22, 1960) felt like they were being tossed like a ball? Would the walls be breaking down around them? Would they think the mountain was going to fall on them (landslide)? Do you see how the historical record superimposes onto the biblical record? I can’t fake that Wayne. Only the supernatural God of gods can synchronize the natural with the spiritual. I certainly did not pick the date for the super quake to happen, but nevertheless the quake happened in perfect synchrony with the text written 2500 years earlier. Don’t believe me Wayne. Believe your own eyes.

    If after this reply, you still want to put your trust in Odin, Neptune, Poseidon, Thor, Allah, Krishna, Budda, etc. etc., it’s on you. But you’ve been warned. I will believe in the God who wrote the book (through the hands of chosen men) that tells the end from the beginning and upon which the fate of the world depends. I will worship that God and study His Book, the Bible. There’s no other book like it on earth, not even close.

    You’re welcome to write back but don’t ask “why this?” or “why that?”. Ask me instead to help you understand and I will do my best to oblige.


  6. Carl says:

    It has been a while since I posted but here goes. We are sitting on top of one of the most pivotal points in the History of Mankind. Pure evil is on the rise and true Morality is on the decline. If we do nothing other than look at the past we can see that when a society abandons morality in exchange for pleasure that society is headed for a downward spiral. Either we wake up and realize that we lack morality or we wake up and we will see sudden destruction come upon us like Noah and the Flood. You do not have to believe that God exists to see that Mankind is on a path to self-destruction. Turn on the news when was the last time you watched 30 minute news that talked about how people are helping each other and that all nations have decided to get along with their neighbors. When we say peace and safety then sudden destruction will come upon us. You see the end result is this God just wants to have fellowship with His creation. But because God is Good he can not have a relationship with us while we live in immortality so he provided a substitute for our punishment. Jesus Christ He took on all the sins of the world so we can have relationship with God the Father. This is so simple all you have to do is believe that Jesus died and resurrected for your sins and ask for forgiveness and you will be saved. You will have eternal life and live in the presence of a Loving Father forever. Why don’t you try calling on the name of Jesus. In short if you wait till the end of your life to find out if Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords well there is no mulligans. Don’t be so educated that you miss the blessings of God come to Him with child like faith just believe.


  7. Amos says:

    Thanks for your response Carl. Knowledge of the truth doesn’t save us does it? It is only through faith in Christ Jesus and being buried with Him in the watery grave of baptism to be raised a new creature, having been washed clean of our sins, that we may enter into the kingdom of heaven. A good place to start is simply crying out to Him. He hears us when we call. When we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him. He will come into us and abide with us in this life and beyond.


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